Application Questions

Q:  How do I apply for August Camp?

A: Submit an August Camp Application on our website during open registration. 

Q: How does more than one person apply?

A:  Each member of your group needs to fill out the application separately and list who you are traveling with. The registrar will link your applications. 

Q: How will I know if I have been accepted to Camp?

A:  You will be notified via e-mail of acceptance once the initial pool has been processed. If submitted after the open application period you will hear within a few weeks of receipt of your application.

Q:  What happens if I apply and the week(s) I’ve requested are already filled?

A:  If the week(s) for which you have applied are already filled, the Registrar will contact you and give you alternatives to consider. If camp is completely filled or if you can only attend the week requested, the Registrar will put you on a waitlist.  People are waitlisted in the order in which the Registrar receives their application.

Q: If I am waitlisted, what are my chances of actually getting into Camp?

A: There is no way to tell how many cancellations will be received for any given week at any given Camp.  It has been historically true that as many as 30 people on wait lists are eventually accepted at Camp. The more flexible you can be in the week(s) you want to attend, the better your chances.

Q: If I plan to attend Camp with someone else, how can I be assured we all get in?

A: The only way to be sure you and requested tent mates/friends/family will all be accepted for the same week(s) is to clearly list their names on your application.

Q: Can I bring my child/grandchild/nephew/niece?

A: Yes, with the understanding that you are responsible for their supervision at all times, and that this is primarily an adult hiking camp, with no formal children’s program. Youngsters under age 18 must be accompanied by their parent or guardian on all activities. There have been many young people age 10 or older who have loved their time at August Camp. The cost is the same, regardless of the age of the camper.

Q:  Can I register online and pay with a credit card?

A: August Camp accepts payments through PayPal.

Q:  Can I pay online for another person?

A: Yes, we have set up the payment page to allow you to use one credit card to pay for multiple people or weeks of camp. 

Q: What is the age range of August Campers?

A: The majority are age 45-60, with some older and some younger.

Q: Are there single people who come to Camp?

A: Yes—many singles attend Camp.

Q: What will I do for a tent mate if I come alone?

A: You will be assigned a tent mate of the same gender.

Q: What if I am not comfortable with my tent mate?

A: While such cases have rarely been a problem at Camp, a reasonable effort would be made to address your concerns.  Reassignment, if any, would be dependent on space availability. Earplugs (e.g., "Mack’s" silicone earplugs) are helpful for light sleepers who may be concerned about a snoring tent mate, or even the sounds of crickets and other night creatures.

Travel Questions

Q:  What if my flight schedule changes after I submit the Transportation form to the Transportation Coordinator?

A:  Please promptly notify the Transportation Coordinator, Virginia Campbell, of schedule changes that significantly affect your arrival time.  (917-495-2084 or [email protected]).  Do NOT contact the Registrar.

Q:  What if my flight is delayed on my travel day and I will arrive after 2 pm?

A:  You can call the number provided in the email correspondence.  

Activities Questions

Q: What are the daily hiking options? 

A: Most days there will be hikes offered of 3 or more levels of difficulty and length. The A hikes are the longest, highest, fastest and most challenging, up to 15 miles and sometimes over 3000 feet of elevation gain. The C hikes are shorter, generally, about 4 to 5 miles, climb less, generally less than 1000 feet of elevation gain, and are at a slower pace. The B hikes are in between and generally at a less demanding pace than the A hikes.

Q: At what altitude will I be hiking? 

The elevation is posted on the Site Information Page or on the August Camp Specifics document.

Q: What if I don’t want to hike every day? What else is there to do?

A: Although August Camp is primarily a hiking camp, we will also schedule some non-hiking excursions to scenic areas, and, if possible, some boating activities. These extra activities may involve extra charges, such as admission fees, or costs of an outfitter. In addition, it is perfectly okay to stay at Camp for the day and relax with a book or your camera.

Q: Will a novice hiker fit in?  How about a fast, competitive hiker?

A: We offer hikes at a number of different levels so there really is something for everyone. You will enjoy the activities much more if you get in shape ahead of time.  Check with your health care provider if you have questions about your ability to participate. Our hike leaders are experienced in helping people of all levels have an enjoyable day. The A hikes are usually challenging enough for most participants.

Q: What overnight activities are planned?

A: In addition to daily hikes, August Camp may offer an overnight car-camping trip or backpack each week.  A list of hikes and other activities will be posted on our Activities Section once the hike leaders have completed their planning for the current year’s camp.

Q: Do we need to bring guidebooks for hiking?

A: No, there is no need to have your own personal maps and guidebooks. However, if you are interested in familiarizing yourself with the area ahead of time, refer to the guidebooks listed on the Hike List page. 

Around Camp Questions

Q: What kind of medical facilities are available at August Camp?

A: August Camp does not employ healthcare providers.  Hike leaders are certified in Wilderness First Aid. Any urgently or emergently needed health care will come from the locally available hospital based emergency service and urgent care providers, who accept a wide variety of medical insurances.

Q: How hot or cold does it get at Camp? What clothes should I bring? What kind of sleeping bag?

A: Summer temperatures can range from the 30/40's at night to the 80/90's during the day.  Consult the equipment list for suggested clothing and gear. A full-length pad to put between your cot and your sleeping bag is essential for comfort and warmth.

Q: How can I make my tent "home-like"?

A: Many returning campers bring plastic tarps to put on the ground in the tent (ca. 8’ x 10’), with a bathmat or area rug on top. The tents do not have a floor, so having a tarp or rug prevents your backpack, duffle bag, and shoes from getting damp if we have a period of rain and the ground gets moist (which can happen even though the tent keeps you dry). A folding chair is nice for relaxing with a book or around campfire. A limited number of these items may be available for rent from the croo.  A good length of cord and clothespins are helpful to set up a clothesline outside the tent.

Q: What is a "sun shower"?

A: It is a water container that can be placed in the sunlight, to heat the water. The collapsible variety, with one side of clear plastic and a tube with shower head on it (rather than the rigid black plastic "gas can" variety) is easiest to lift up when filled. On a sunny day, the water gets almost too hot to use without diluting it! You can have a very enjoyable hot shower with these devices, used in our wooden shower stalls with a pulley to lift up the bag. Since we will not have access to regular showers in camp, it is highly recommended that every camper purchase a sun shower bag. A 2.5 to 3-gallon size is adequate for a shower.  See on the Amazon web site. (However, sun showers do not get hot without sunshine.)

Q:  Can I get a hot beverage at other than mealtimes?

A:  There is a “tea tent” where coffee, tea and hot chocolate are available before breakfast and in the late afternoon.  Bring your own (non-breakable) mug and hang it on the mug tree outside the tea tent. We suggest putting your name on your mug.

Q: I have special dietary needs; can that be accommodated?

A: August Camp accommodates vegetarian diets but not vegan diets.  As the cook needs to plan for food purchasing, if you want to avail yourself of the vegetarian option you MUST so indicate on the application. We are a “field kitchen” and cannot accommodate individual food requirements/preferences.  We can accommodate gluten sensitivity but we are not gluten free. If you have dietary restrictions, you may need to bring some of your own food to camp.  Storage space will be provided. You may NOT be able to partake of every course of every meal. Lactose-free milk is available.

Q: Besides the cost for attending camp, are there other expenses?

A:  You will need money for all items of a personal nature, including alcoholic beverages and snacks for happy hour.   Some activities involve extra charges, such as entrance fees and outfitter charges. The camp costs are all-inclusive and we no longer expect campers to give a large gratuity to the Croo. Croo wages have been increased to competitive rates for the camp location. We do set up a "Croo Kitty" for tips at the end of each week if you feel you want to contribute more. 

Q: Where do I do my laundry?

A: Camp staff will post information about the closest Laundromat, as well as other helpful information about local churches, medical facilities, etc.  Each tent is provided with a bucket and dishpan in case you want to rinse out some small items.

Q: Can I have a guest visit?

A: This depends on the availability of space. There is a per diem charge for guests, which includes their meals.

Q: Can I bring my hairdryer and other appliances to camp?

A: There is no electricity in our camping area. If you have a camera or other device that needs recharging, you may want to consider having spare fully charged batteries available or see if there is an adapter that will allow charging in a car.  Some such devices can also run on regular batteries – check your owner’s manual.

Q: If I decide to leave camp early for any reason, can I get a refund?

A: No refunds are given for Campers leaving early.  Campers are encouraged to obtain trip insurance, such as that offered by RoamRight, a company the AMC works with.  Phone: 866-891-6614.

Q: How early a flight should I schedule for my departure day?

A: Check the Getting to Camp page for this information.  Flights leaving before 10 am on departure Saturdays cannot be accommodated. If you must book an early light, book it for Sunday and plan to spend Saturday night near the airport.

If, after reading all the info about Camp on the August Camp website you still have questions, here is contact info for real people:

General and registration info:  Lois Rothenberger, 267-219-8346 or [email protected]

General Camp questions:   Lennie Steinmetz 610-694-8677 steinme[email protected]

Transportation coordinator:  Virginia Campbell, 917-495-2084 or [email protected]  

Note:  All calls before 9 pm eastern time, please.