We honor Wayne Foote, longtime August Camper

Wayne embodied camaraderie, adventure, generosity, and kindness. Wayne passed peacefully on July 15, surrounded by his family.

Wayne was the heart and soul of August Camp. He began leading hikes for Camp in 1991. He was a strong but gentle leader from the start, and he was quickly recruited to be head hike leader for weeks 3-4. He did that formidable job from 1992-2013. Wayne inspired, supported, and encouraged. He was the voice of calm and the spirit of adventure. He shared a deep sense of curiosity, a love of dry jokes, and an ability to play the accordion that made many, many hearts swell. For some of us, there is no "Day is Done," unless Wayne is playing it on his accordion around the campfire. His is the only "Goodnight, Campers," that will signal the close of the day.

Wayne did not have an unkind bone in his body. He saw the best in everyone, and always looked hopefully to the future. Seeking an answer to "Where will we hike next year?" inspired him. He worked tirelessly to find new sites for August Camp over the years, poring over maps and guidebooks, making calls and following leads.

Wayne always listened intently to the stories of fellow campers, enjoying their adventures as much as they did, and asking questions that belied his own rich travels: "And did you get to... ? And did you see...?" Wayne helped us see the possibility in many situations. Trailhead closed? Let's look for another one! Pouring rain? Who doesn't love a good river walk! Wayne's energy and love of adventure inspired us. His gentleness and openness warmed us. His music made us feel embraced and part of a large community. The last song at the last campfire of each week beckoned to future times together: "We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll meet again some sunny day."

To our dear Wayne, and the family he loved so much, and sometimes even brought to camp, we love you. We will carry you in our hearts.


August Camp is the longest-running tradition in Appalachian Mountain Club’s history, dating all the way back to 1887.  The location of camp changes every year, ranging from Maine to Washington and many points in between.  Learn more about why so many people return year after year to be part of such a unique summer camp experience – exploring nature, hiking, meeting new friends and sharing the day’s adventures surrounded by the beauty of North America.

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Mt Rainier - Joe Nanfara
North Cascades by Bill Steinmetz 2018
Columbia River Gorge photos by Lennie Steinmetz
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