The History of August Camp

The first August Camp was held in 1887. Almost every year since, it has continued as a unique, nomadic adult hiking camp, essentially run by volunteers, immersed in nature, and bound by cherished traditions. Our camps today follow the same model as they did in 1887: fixed tent camps with daily climbs.

In its early days, August Camp was a group of hikers whose main purpose was to explore.  The goal of the first “camping-party” was to seek new routes to visit Mt. Katahdin, ME. The 1887 camp was comprised of 20 campers – men and women. Camp was a log shelter 20 feet long and required a two-day climb. Ladies hiked in tweed skirts.

In years following, that exploration continued to other regions beyond the White Mountains, the stomping ground of the first AMC members.   As they explored, August Campers often established good hiking routes. Early ‘trampers’ explored areas which would later become some of the fixed camps we enjoy today. The ‘1901 camp was a ‘try out’ for the permanent camp on Three Mile Island on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. What is now Cold River Camp was also once an August Camp base.

August Camp continues to be a place where we live in a simple manner, close to mountains and streams. Many of the same traditions are carried on. “Follies” – the impromptu performances at the end of each session – is still a forum for camp stories, skits and jokes. Nightly campfires are still the place to plan for the next day’s hiking. The croo person overlooking the lunch tent will forever be known as “the cookie monster.”  

In its early years, August Camp was influential in club affairs, exploring new territories and finding new hiking routes. Now it is a marvelous community, a summer "family" of friends many of whom we cherish and look forward to seeing each year.  

August Camp 1887
August Camp 1887
Early August Camp in Maine
Early August Camp in Maine

Past Camp Locations

2023 Mt. Hood, Sandy Oregon

2022 North Cascades, Concrete, Washington

2021 Maine Woods, AMC Little Lyford Camp and Cabins

2020, NO CAMP

2019 Mt Rainier, Packwood, Washington

2018 North Cascades, Concrete, Washington

2017, Columbia River Gorge, Stabler, Washington

2016, Olympic, Quilcene, Washington

2015, Central Cascades, Sisters, Oregon

2014, Mt Rainier, Washington

2013, North Cascades, Concrete, Washington

2012, Whistler, British Columbia

2011, Golden, British Columbia

2010, Golden, British Columbia

2009, Central Cascades, Sisters, Oregon

2008, Pilot Creek, Wyoming

2007, Eastern Sierras, Bishop, California

2006, North Cascades, Washington

2005, Mt. Rainier, Washington

2004, Keene Valley, New York

2003, Stratton, Maine

2002, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

2001, Jefferson, New Hampshire

2000, Southern Cascades, Packwood, Washington

1999, Keene Valley, New York

1998, Stratton, Maine

1997, Glacier National Park, St. Mary's , Montana

1996, Banff, British Columbia

1995, Keene Valley, New York

1994, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

1993, Jefferson, New Hampshire

1992, West Branch Penobscot River, Katahdin, Maine

1991, Keene Valley, New York

1990, Glacier National Park, St. Mary's , Montana

1989, Campton, New Hampshire

1988, Rangeley, Maine

1987, West Branch Penobscot River, Katahdin, Maine

1986, Southern Cascades, Packwood, Washington

1985, Jefferson, New Hampshire

1984, Keene Valley, New York

1983, Yoho National Park, British Columbia

1982, Campton, New Hampshire

1981, Eustis, Maine

1980, Crawford Notch, New Hampshire

1979, West Branch Penobscot River, Katahdin, Maine

1978, Southern Cascades, Packwood, Washington

1977, Keene Valley, New York

1976, Evans Notch, Stowe, Maine

1975, Stratton, Maine

1974, Campton, New Hampshire

1973, West Branch Penobscot River, Katahdin, Maine

1972, Keene Valley, New York

1971, Randolph, New Hampshire

1970, Southern Cascades, Packwood, Washington

1969, West Branch Penobscot River, Katahdin, Maine

1968, Keene Valley, New York

1967, Stratton, Maine

1966, First Mono Recess, Sierra National Forest, California

1965, Six Mile Bridge, Campton, New Hampshire

1964, Adirondack Region, New York

1963, West Branch Penobscot River, Katahdin, Maine

1962, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

1961, Keene Valley, New York

1960, Randolph, New Hampshire

1959, Robson Pass, Pacific Arctic Divide, Canada

1958, Kennebago, Stratton, Maine

1957, Abol Pond, Katahdin, Maine

1956, Aspen, Colorado

1955, South Meadow, Lake Placid, New York

1954, South Meadow, Lake Placid, New York

1953, Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

1952, Abol Pond, Katahdin, Maine

1951, Stark, Riley Lund's Farm, New Hampshire

1950, Warren, Vermont

1949, Stratton, Maine

1948, Clifford Falls, Keene Valley, New York

1947, Clifford Falls, Keene Valley, New York

1946, West Branch Penobscot River, Katahdin, Maine

1945, Moose Brook, Gorham, New Hampshire

1944, Bartlett, New Hampshire

1943, Dolly Copp, Gorham, New Hampshire

1942, Stark, Riley Lund's Farm, New Hampshire

1941, Newcomb, New York

1940, Keene Valley, New York

1939, Katahdin Iron Works, Maine

1938, Dead River, Flagstaff, Maine

1937, Albany Intervale, New Hampshire

1936, No Camp, N/A

1935, Bowman, New Hampshire

1934, Crawford Notch, New Hampshire

1933, Wildwood, Kisman Notch, New Hampshire

1932, Bryon Notch, Weld, Maine

1931, Bear River, Grafton, New Hampshire

1930, Wild River, Gilead, Maine

1929, Rocky Branch of the Saco River, New Hampshire

1928, Lancaster, New Hampshire

1927, Albany Intervale, New Hampshire

1926, No Camp, N/A

1925, Kidney Pond, Katahdin, Maine

1924, Dunn's Notch, Andover North Surplus, Maine

1923, Chimney Pond, Katahdin, Maine

1922, Echo Lake, Mount Desert, Maine

1921, Franconia Notch, New Hampshire

1920, Jefferson Notch, New Hampshire

1919, Moose Island, Moosehead Lake, Maine

1918, Albany Intervale, New Hampshire

1917, Sunday River Valley, Grafton Notch, New Hampshire

1916, Chimney Pond, Katahdin, Maine

1915, Dixville Notch, New Hampshire

1914, Bear River Valley, Grafton Notch, New Hampshire

1913, Cold River, New Hampshire

1912, North Woodstock, New Hampshire

1911, Whiteface Intervale, New Hampshire

1910, Glenn House, Gorham, New Hampshire

1909, Three Mile Island, New Hampshire

1908, Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

1907, Livermore, New Hampshire

1906, Pinkham Notch, New Hampshire

1905, Pinkham Notch, New Hampshire

1904, Albany Intervale, New Hampshire

1903, Whiteface Intervale, New Hampshire

1902, Randolph, New Hampshire

1901, Three Mile Island, New Hampshire

1900, Three Mile Island, New Hampshire

1899, Lake Mooselookmeguntic, Maine

1898, Lake Winnepesaukee, New Hampshire

1897, Randolph, New Hampshire

1896, Moosehead Lake, Maine

1895, Banff, British Columbia

1894, Whiteface, North Sandwich, New Hampshire

1893, No record of an August Camp, N/A

1892, Grafton Notch, New Hampshire

1891, Moosehead Lake, Maine

1890, No record of an August Camp, N/A

1889, Student Island, Lake Mooselookmeguntic, Maine

1888, No record of an August Camp, N/A

1887, Katahdin Lake, Maine

1876, Founding of the AMC, N/A