August Camp 2023 Mt. Hood

August Camp 2023 will be located on a brand-new site in Oregon!  We’ll be camped on private land between Sandy, OR, and Mount Hood Village, only about an hour’s drive from Portland International airport, making this one of the most easily accessed sites Camp has had in many years.  We will have access to great hiking in sections of the Columbia River Gorge and around Mount Hood, and in the Mt Hood National Forest.  There is easy access on foot to the Sandy River.

There is a popular mountain biking trail system nearby, so we will consider whether a mountain biking activity can be planned.  For those with their own car, there is a mountain bike rental shop in Sandy. Learn more about the area here.

Each week, our full-service tent village for 64 campers offers home-cooked meals, daily hikes at all levels, nightly campfires, and wonderful camaraderie.

Camp Dates:
Week 1: July 15 to July 22
Week 2: July 22 to July 29
Week 3: July 29 to August 5
Week 4: August 5 to August 12

Application Process
The general application window for August Camp 2023 will open on January 2, 2023, at 9 AM (EST) and close on January 11, 2023, at 11:59 PM (EST). Acceptances will be made based on a random lottery system, but applications will continue to be accepted until camp is full and there is a substantial waitlist.

What if I am applying with someone?
If you are traveling with another person, you will indicate that your attendance is dependent on another camper being accepted. THE PERSON YOU LIST MUST ALSO LIST YOU. Please provide accurate contact information for your travel companion. We still need each person to fill out their own form.

Camp Costs
Pricing will be released in December 2022.

AMC Vaccination Policy
Vaccination requirements will be determined in December 2022.



Campers flying to Camp will meet at the Portland airport (PDX) baggage claim between 11 AM and 2 PM on Saturdays only for transport to camp. Vans will depart for camp as they fill and volunteer drivers are available. The meeting place will be determined in December 2022.

If possible, please do not plan to arrive at the meeting place prior to 11 AM on your arrival day to allow departing campers to disembark. 

The camp is about an hour drive from the airport with a QUICK stop en route for lunch and for people to buy a few snacks and supplies (e.g. happy hour provisions).


Transportation to Portland Airport will not be available on departure Saturdays for flights leaving before 10 a.m. Vans begin leaving camp at 5 AM to return to the airport. You must plan to leave camp about 4-5 hours before your flight time.

We strongly encourage you to book a flight departing late morning. If you choose to book an early morning flight you might consider booking it for Sunday morning and spending Saturday night near the airport.


To run our full program of hikes and activities each day, August Camp depends on having a large number of campers qualified as volunteer drivers.  Even if you drive your own vehicle to Camp, please consider applying as an approved van driver.

We appreciate your willingness to apply to be a driver. The more drivers we have the less everyone has to do. 


August Camp 2023 Hiking Program – Mt. Hood Sandy, OR

Camp Location

Please note: You will be out of camp most of the day; even the easiest hikes will require you to be able to hike a minimum of 5 miles with 500-700 feet of elevation gain. Shorter, easier hikes are combined with other hikes or other activities to make for a full day's outing.

Additional Activities

There are many things to do in the area, and August Camp will run non-hiking excursions and activities. These may include visits to scenic locations, rafting, kayaking, biking. Keep in mind these activities involve extra charges, such as admission fees or costs of an outfitter.

We will post a list of additional activities closer to camp, and campers will be notified at that time. It is perfectly ok to stay in camp for the day and relax with a book or your camera.

Books and Maps

Our committee is busy putting together the hiking program for the 2023 season. We will post updated guides and maps in December. 

Camp Drivers

August Camp is a volunteer-run AMC entity. This includes transportation from the airport to camp and to trailheads or activities. We rent a fleet of minivans such as the Chrysler Pacifica, which our volunteer drivers, aka campers, will drive. Please consider being a driver to balance the responsibility between many campers.

Alternate Activities

Activities other than hiking will be posted in Late Spring 2023.

Site Information and Details

Our August Committee is busy researching this area and information will be made available in the spring.

Emergency Contact Info

Should someone need to contact you in the case of a serious emergency, such as might require your return home, please use your own cell phone as the first line of communication. If that is not possible, for emergencies during Camp, July 16 - August 13, 2022, the cell phone of Camp Manager Nick may be used 564-900-0744.

Recommended Equipment

To ensure your comfort and safety, the following equipment list has been updated to accommodate activities and conditions at the 2023 camp and on hikes.

Keep in mind while you're packing during a heatwave in the city that you will need warm clothing at camp and on the hikes. Believe it or not, temperatures can dip to below freezing. Camp this year is at an elevation of around 300’ and hikes may go as high as 7000’. If you are not properly equipped for a particular hike, you may not be able to participate. Snow on many trails is possible.

Don't forget your rain gear!


  • Full set of waterproof rain gear: jacket and rain pants
  • Boots - strong, comfortable and well broken-in (2 pairs if you have them)
  • Light-weight, long-sleeved shirt and pants for sun protection
  • Light-weight windbreaker
  • Long pants (fleece or wool slacks for cool evenings and high peaks)
  • Shoes for around camp, including waterproof footwear for walking in high wet grass in the mornings
  • Socks (inner and outer), twice as many as you think you will need
  • Thermal underwear - not cotton
  • Two or three sets of your usual hiking gear (non-cotton shorts and shirts)
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Warm hat, mittens or gloves (necessary for high peaks)
  • Wool or fleece layers of clothing


  • Sleeping bag, rated to 15-20°F (or summer bag and extra blankets, if needed)
  • Air mattress or foam pad (full-length as cold air beneath cot will cool you even in the warmest sleeping bag)
  • Daypack (large enough to carry extra clothing layers, food and 2 quarts of water for hikes)
  • Quart-size plastic or metal bottles (at least two for hikes) - or hydration system
  • Ground cloth or tarp (good for under your duffle bag or suitcase, and on the floor of your tent - tents do not have floors; there may be some for rent at Camp*)
  • Driver’s license, if signed up to drive
  • Sunshower so you can have a hot shower (available through several mail order companies), labeled with your name or initials as many look alike
  • Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries and bulb (Note: No candles or Coleman-type gas lights are permitted.)
  • Towel and washcloth
  • Unbreakable mug (for hot drinks in the morning and afternoon)
  • Heavy-duty trash bags, for use in backpack and in duffle bag, to keep clothing dry, if it rains
  • Compass
  • Extra shoe/boot laces
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Personal hygiene items (preferably unscented)
  • Sewing kit and safety pins
  • Strong twine or light clothes line and clothes pins
  • Sturdy pocket knife (packed in checked luggage)
  • Whistle
  • BIODEGRADABLE, unscented soap for personal use and hand washing laundry
  • Insect repellent
  • Lip balm with sunscreen (rated at least SPF 30)
  • Reusable lunch containers to cut down on trash
  • Sunglasses and/or sun goggles
  • Sunscreen

Optional Items

  • Gaiters
  • Hiking poles (packed in checked luggage)
  • Pillow
  • Charging Cables with car adapter
  • Camera (extra batteries)
  • Battery-operated lantern for tent
  • Travel alarm
  • Sundress or shift for trips to the showers (ladies)
  • Tightly sealed box to keep cosmetics/lotions in tent
  • Bathmat or throw rug for the floor of your tent
  • Bathing suit and beach towel for swimming, if desired
  • Binoculars
  • Trail guidebooks and maps
  • Bird, flower and other guidebooks
  • Mirror for shaving or putting in contacts (unbreakable)
  • Reading/listening material
  • Folding chair for campfire (some may be available for rent at Camp*)
  • Head net for insect protection
  • Light blanket or quilt or sleeping bag liner, for warmer nights
  • Mosquito netting for sleeping under (many don't find it necessary if you close tent flaps before dusk)
  • Musical instruments
  • Pen and small journal
  • Small personal tent (if you want to have the option of sleeping in it or going on an overnight)
  • Umbrella (for use around camp, and even some hikes)
  • Art supplies
  • National Parks pass
  • GPS for getting to the trailhead
  • Passport

FOR OVERNIGHTS (occasionally offered):

  • Backpack suitable for an overnight (with straps for your sleeping bag, pad, etc.)
  • Backpacking tent

*There may be some tarps, chairs and coolers for rent at camp, but you can’t count on this.