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Health 2024

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Health Questionnaire

Parent or legal guardian should complete form for all children under 18 years participating in AMC program.

1. Have you experienced an asthma attack at any time in your life?   

Will you be carrying your inhaler on the program?:

How often do you use your inhaler to treat asthma or wheezing?:

2. Have you ever been diagnosed with type I or type II diabetes?  

Do you have poor or reduced circulation due to your diabetes?:

3. Have you ever experienced a serious allergic reaction, or have you ever been given a shot of epinephrine for an allergy or anaphylaxis?

What are you allergic to and how does your body typically respond when exposed? (e.g. bee sting = hives):

Will you be bringing/carrying epinephrine at August Camp?:

4. Have you ever received medical treatment for angina, a heart attack, or any type of heart disorder or disease?  

Are you able to exert yourself more than 30 minutes without experiencing angina (chest) pain?:

5. Have you ever been diagnosed with or are you currently being treated for high blood pressure?  

Is your blood pressure currently under control (ie: systolic under 140 and diastolic between 60 and 100)?:

6. Have you ever seen a medical professional following a seizure, or are you currently being treated for any type of seizure disorder?  

Are you currently taking medication for your seizures?:

Have you experienced a seizure within the past year?:

7. ls there anything else you think we should know about your medical Background? i.e., anything that could affect your safety or ability to participate fully

Please explain here.:

Food allergies. What is the type of allergy (ingested or airborne), and how severe is the reaction:  

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Participants (and parents/guardians, if appropriate) must read and sign below.

Participant acknowledgment of accuracy and understanding. By signing this form, I am declaring that, to the best of my knowledge, I have completed the questionnaire accurately. I also understand that by knowingly filling out the form inaccurately, or by withholding pertinent information about my health, I could potentially be increasing the risk to myself or others.

Consent to accept aid. By signing this form, I am giving consent and permission for AMC staff, volunteers, representatives, or contractors to provide medical care to me or to my child, to transport me or my child to a medical facility or to seek the aid of emergency medical services as deemed appropriate. I further authorize AMC staff, volunteers, representatives, or contractors to render whatever treatment they consider necessary for my or my child’s health, and I agree to pay all costs associated with that care and transportation.

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