Site Information and Details

Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use at Camp is discouraged. If you must use your cell phone, do so out of earshot of other campers - not in your tent, please. AT&T and Verizon coverage is reported to be good in Quilcene.


There will be no electricity at camp this year. We suggest bringing a car charger for use while in the vans for charging phones, cameras and such small devices.

Camp Phone Number

Should someone need to contact you in the case of a serious emergency, such as might require your return home, please use your own cell phone as the first line of communication. If that is not possible, for emergencies during Camp, July 18 - August 15, 2020, the cell phone of the Camp Manager, Juliana Beecher, may be used (603-387-9707). Please leave a detailed message.  PLEASE CHECK BACK ON OUR WEB SITE SHORTLY BEFORE YOU LEAVE FOR CAMP AS THIS NUMBER MAY CHANGE IF THE PROVIDER COVERAGE AT OUR SITE IS POOR.

A Special Note About Outings at this Year's Camp

Although August Camp is primarily a hiking camp, we will also schedule some non-hiking excursions to scenic areas, and, if possible, some rafting, kayaking or biking activities. These extra activities may involve extra charges, such as admission fees, or costs of an outfitter. In addition, it is perfectly ok to stay in camp for the day and relax with a book or your camera.  

The National Park and the surrounding wilderness areas and forests are magnificent.  It would take weeks or even months to begin to do all the spectacular hiking available in this very special area.  With that in mind, please remember that in one week you have only 6 days to hike so you cannot possibly do all the "best" this area has to offer.  We will make every attempt to offer some of the most spectacular hikes several times within a given week.  Two-weekers will obviously have twice as many days to accomplish their hiking wish list, but will still not be able to do it all.  Whatever you hike will indeed be wonderful, but you simply cannot do it all during your stay at August Camp.  Also, be aware that in many areas the hike must be limited to 12 participants by federal regulation.

Driving to Hikes

Drives to hikes may be long and at times on winding secondary roads, as is often the case at our Western sites.  It is also possible that we will encounter restrictions due to road work which may add to travel time, as the very short summer season is the only time to work on serious road repair.

Camp and Hike Elevations

Our Camp is located close to sea level but some of our hikes will go to about 6000 feet.  You may wish to select easier hikes until you feel acclimatized.

Important Contact Information

Registration or general questions:  Lois Rothenberger, 267-219-8346 or [email protected]  

Transportation Coordinator:  Virginia Campbell, 917-495-2084 [email protected]

General Camp questions:  Lennie Steinmetz, 610-694-8677 or [email protected]

(Call before 9 pm eastern time in all cases.)

Camp Mailing Address:

Your Name
AMC, August Camp
General Delivery
Quilcene, WA 98376


Olympic Medical Center
939 Caroline Street
Port Angeles, WA 98362
(Emergency room/trauma center)

Madrona Hill Urgent Care
2500 West Sims Way, Suite 1
Port Townsend, WA 98368
(Closed Sundays)

Have a safe journey and we’ll see you at Camp!