Maine Woods 2021

A revised edition of August Camp 2021 will be held at AMC’s Little Lyford Lodge and Cabins, about 40 minutes from Greenville, Maine. 

Plans have been made with the understanding that there may still be COVID restrictions on activities. Camp will start each week on Saturday and end on the following Friday, six days, not seven, to allow sufficient time for the Lyford staff to thoroughly clean and disinfect the cabins and bathhouse.     

Please see the Zoom Info sessions that were held to answer questions. The presentations made by our volunteer committee are also posted below. 

Who Can Attend

This is a full day hiking camp, and to attend, you should be able to hike a minimum of 5 miles with a minimum of 600 feet elevation gain in a 5 hour period.

In addition to the program-specific information provided in these materials, please note that the AMC has Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC) that apply to all participants in AMC-sponsored activities. These criteria were created to help potential participants identify and understand the fundamental cognitive and physical requirements of participating in AMC activities. The EEC is a resource for anyone considering participating in an AMC sponsored activity; please speak with the August Camp Committee Chairperson with any questions or requests for accommodation regarding the EEC. 

Youths 10 years and up may attend with a parent or guardian. There is no youth-specific price or programming.  Any minor children younger than 18 years old must be accompanied on all hikes and activities by their parent or guardian and may not be left unattended at Camp.

Dates and Cost & Accomodations

Camp dates: July 17 to August 14, 2021

Week 1: July 17 - July 23
Week 2: July 24 - July 30
Week 3: July 31 - August 6
Week 4: August 7 - August 13

There will be three lodging options available at Lyford. AMC Member Pricing*:
Cabins $975 pp
Bunkhouse $875 pp
Tenting $750 pp
Additionally, a 10% gratuity will be added to all options above.

*Non Members will have an additional $200 fee.


Cabins & Bunkhouse: Cabins and the bunkhouse are limited to two or more campers. When you apply you have to identify with whom you are sharing a cabin or bunkhouse. All people in your party must indicate the name of the other person(s) on your respective applications. We strongly encourage you to identify your roommate now and discuss with them what will make you both comfortable to room together. Generally speaking, shared space is limited to two people unless there are more of you already sharing a space at home. People who apply solo will be assigned to tenting.

Tenting: You will be providing your own tent. Those tenting may be solo campers or two people sharing a single tent. If you are going to share a tent with another camper, you must both indicate the name of the other person on your respective applications.

As in recent years, the selection of campers in the application process will be performed via the lottery system. We will do our best to consider the preferences expressed by campers regarding shared accommodations.

Meals and Activities

If social distancing is still a best practice, meals will be given to campers to be taken to lodge and cabin porches and small canopy tents for dining in small, distributed groups. There will still be a nightly campfire, with appropriate distancing/masking, as needed.

There are plenty of hikes to keep folks happy, as well as forest roads for mountain biking (bring your own bike) and nearby ponds for canoeing or kayaking – bring your own boat or use AMC’s canoes (only a few). There are other activities in the Greenville area that we may participate in if COVID conditions are improved.

To ensure adequate social distancing, there will be no minivans rented this year, and private cars will be used to travel to and from camp and travel to daily activities. Campers who expect to be passengers in others’ cars should plan on sharing gas expenses. 

We will expect that anyone accepted to Camp will adhere to the safety and health measures we will need to have in place, as per AMC, state, and local requirements.  This includes wearing of mask/face coverings, social distancing, hand washing, etc. 

Application Process

An online general application window will open on Feb 8, 2021.  We anticipate this camp will fill quickly, so be sure to apply before Feb.17th, before the lottery selection process begins.