August Camp 2021 Hiking Program – Little Lyford Lodge and Cabins

August Camp this year will be very different from our typical tent city. Our hiking program will also be different.  We will lead as many hikes as possible right from or close to Camp to minimize the need for carpooling.   Campers will also have the option to stay in camp and explore some of the local trails on their own or simply enjoy the Camp surroundings. 

The hike list will be posted at Camp. Click the button at the top of the page to download a personal copy.  

We have only one guidebook this year, and while there are two AMC maps on the map list, both (M-1, M-2) cover essentially the same area. 

A paper copy of map M-2 comes with the guidebook but is also available in Tyvek® for $9.95.  Map M-1 is the one to buy if you only want to buy one map and skip the guidebook – it has some additional info, such as suggested hikes and other area information, and is waterproof.  We have included links to some additional maps and brochures that can be found online and downloaded and/or printed.  Their content is worth studying to familiarize yourself with the area.  We will have copies of Map M-3 for all campers.

We expect/hope not to have to wear masks while hiking (though you must have one handy in case social distancing is difficult.)  If we must carpool, we will need to minimize, as much as possible, the number of cars we take as trailhead parking in some areas is very tight.  This may require drivers willing to take campers who are not part of their own “bubble,” and it will be up to the individual drivers and campers to decide with whom they share a ride. Some leaders and campers may not feel comfortable carpooling to trailheads with unvaccinated people. A number of trailheads have limited parking and will not accommodate several people driving their own cars.  We will do everything possible to have at least one hike per day that has ample parking for people to drive their own cars. AMC guidelines do not allow us to require vaccination to attend camp, though we certainly encourage it and expect most campers will, in fact, have been vaccinated by the time they arrive at Camp.

We are expecting to have a GREAT time.  Just so you know, the likely “must-do” hike will be Gulf Hagas (pronounced HAY-gus, not HAG-us, which is a Scottish “delicacy” of sorts).  Gulf Hagas is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Maine.  While this is quite an overstatement, you get the idea!  Because we will be limiting hiking groups to ten, including the leader, we expect to run this hike multiple times each week if there is interest enough.

Books and Maps


AMC Maine Mountain Guide, 11th Edition, section 2


M-1 AMC 100-Mile Wilderness Map & Guide, 1st ed. 2018

M-2 AMC Maine Mountains Trail Map, map 2, Maine Woods

M-3 KIW Lyford and Gorman Summer Trails AMC Map DOWNLOAD HERE                                

M-4 Gulf Hagas map/brochure DOWNLOAD HERE 

M-5 Little Moose Public Lands brochure/map (covers an area not on the other maps) DOWNLOAD HERE