Hike List

Hikes and other activities at Camp are designed to be a group experience. We offer hikes at several different levels each day to accommodate as wide a range of experience and expectations. Although we offer some easier hikes, you may expect to be out of camp most of the day and should be able to hike a minimum of 5 miles with 500-700 feet of elevation gain.  Our trained volunteer hike leaders will do their best to ensure that each group has a rewarding and safe experience. You can help by choosing a suitable level of activity, staying with the group throughout the day, and taking responsibility for your own safety. Groups are generally limited to 12 people, so we don’t anticipate a very wide range of abilities on any hike. That said, we set out as a group and return as a group.

Five or more trips will generally be offered each day, including hikes rated A, B, and C and sometimes an excursion or cultural outing. 

A hikes are for experienced hikers who enjoy a longer hike and/or faster pace with significant elevation gain (8-15 miles with 2000-3500’ of gain). 

B hikes have a less strenuous pace and are shorter with less elevation gain (6-9 miles with 1500-2500’ of gain).  T

C hikes have a more leisurely pace and may cover easier terrain (4-6 miles 0-700' of elevation gain)

Excursions may be focused on photography, nature trails, or visits to a scenic area, museum or local event. 

Other activities that may be offered: backpacking and/or car camping overnight; biking; water-related trips (canoeing, kayaking, float/raft trips). Some of these will involve an additional fee to campers.

We also hope to offer a service/trail work trip each week.  Refer to this web site in the early spring for more information.

We use a formula for rating hikes, based on distance and elevation gain, but sometimes the nature of the trail can make that hike seem harder or easier than the numbers would indicate.  A 5-mile hike with 1000’ of gain would thus be rated 6.5, what we consider a C or easy hike (anything under a rating of 7.6). The hike list will show distance, gains and rating, as well as driving time and distance from Camp.

Hike Rating = Distance + (1.5 X elevation gain/1000)

Books and Maps

Books and Maps 

Our Camp is located near sea level. Most hikes will stay below 5000’, though several go to 6000’+. 


Day Hike! Olympic Peninsula, by Seabury Blair, 2019; 4th ed.

Day Hiking Olympic Peninsula, by Craig Romano, 2016, 2nd ed.


Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northwest Map Series, 2017

Olympic National Park, Trails Illustrated #216, National Geographic, 2019

Other Resources

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