Hike List

Hikes and other activities at Camp are designed to be a group experience. We offer hikes at several different levels each day to accommodate as wide a range of experience and expectations as we can. Our trained volunteer hike leaders will do their best to ensure that each group has a rewarding and safe experience. You can help by choosing a suitable level of activity, staying with the group throughout the day, and taking responsibility for your own safety. Groups are generally limited to 12 people, so we don’t anticipate a very wide range of abilities on any hike. That said, we set out as a group and return as a group.

Five or more trips will generally be offered each day, including hikes rated A, B, and C and sometimes an excursion/walk (W).  The A hikes are for experienced hikers who enjoy a longer hike and/or faster pace with significant elevation gain.  The B hikes have a less strenuous pace and may be shorter with less elevation gain.  The C hikes have a more leisurely pace and may cover easier terrain.   Excursions or walks may be focused on photography, nature trails, or visits to a scenic area, museum or local event.  There is sometimes a backpacking and/or car camping overnight offered. Some water-related trips (canoeing, kayaking, float/raft trips), usually involving an additional fee to campers, may be scheduled, though such opportunities near this year’s site are limited.  We also hope to offer a service/trail work trip each week.

We use a formula for rating hikes, based on distance and elevation gain, but sometimes the nature of the trail can make that hike seem harder or easier than the numbers would indicate.  A 5-mile hike with 1000’ of gain would thus be rated 6.5, what we consider a C or easy hike (anything under a rating of 7.6). The hike list show distance, gains and rating, as well as driving time and distance from Camp.

Hike Rating = Distance + (1.5 X elevation gain/1000)

The current hike list is available as an Excel® file and as a PDF file.  For printing, the PDF version will be easiest to use – print landscape on legal-sized paper (8.5” x 14”). General info and guidebooks and maps are listed on the first page and the hikes by level on the following pages.

Books and Maps

Our Camp is located at about 1500’. Most hikes are in the 4000’ to 7000’ range.  You may wish to select easier hikes until you feel acclimatized. The hike to Camp Muir reaches 10,000’.


*Day Hiking Mount Rainier, Tami Asars, 2nd ed. 2018

*Day Hiking Mount Adams and Goat Rocks, 2014, same author

Day Hiking Mount Saint Helens,  2015, Romano and Theisen

*Most important.


Trails Illustrated #217 - Mount Rainier NP

Trails Illustrated #823 - Goat Rocks, Norse Peak

Trails Illustrated #822 - Mount St Helens, Mt Adams

Other Resources

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