Gear List for August Camp 2021 at Little Lyford Pond Camps

This will be a very different August Camp.  None of the traditional Camp tents, cots, vans, shower stalls, chairs, or chemical toilets will be available.  All of August Camp’s gear is stored out west, waiting for our return. 

Campers will either be housed in cabins or their own personally supplied tents.

Use of sun showers and doing hand laundry at tents (gray water) is not permitted. Do not use the bathhouse sinks for washing clothes.  There is no water in the cabins. Bring enough socks and other clothing to last the week.

The cell service nearest to camp is near and in Greenville. There is no cell service at Little Lyford or in most areas we will hike. Plan on leaving phones off or in airplane mode to conserve batteries, and charging in your car or from your own supplied power pack as much as possible.

Here is what you need to pack (all attendees):

  • Bedding (see below under If in a cabin/bunkhouse or If in a tent)
  • Pillow and pillowcase
  • Camp chair – for campfires and meals
  • Coffee mug/beverage container (for personal beverages – you will keep this and clean it; staff will have dishes and mugs for meals, coffee/tea.)
  • Flashlight or headlamp and extra batteries-- no candles, stoves or flames to be used.
  • All of the usual hiking gear for a week, including boots, socks, pack, rain cover for pack, rain gear, hiking poles if you use them, non-cotton clothing layers, hat, gaiters, gloves, whistle, compass
  • Map/guidebook--especially “100 Mile Wilderness map” – see Hikes page for more info
  • Water bottles, hydration system – plan on 2-3 liters of water/hike.
  • Head net (or pre-treated clothing to act as insect shield)—optional., LL Bean, Duluth Trading Post, and others.
  • Clothing and footwear for around camp for a week (generally covering late afternoon, evening, sleep time, breakfast)
  • Swimsuit and water shoes—if you plan to swim
  • Warm jacket/fleece for cold mornings/evenings (may go down to the ’40s)
  • Personal toiletries (environment-friendly soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.), medications, first aid kit, insect repellent, and sunscreen
  • Towels
  • Face masks/coverings – must be multi-ply and fit well around nose and chin; bandanas not acceptable—for use when social distancing is not possible.   Double masking may be required when carpooling to hikes.
  • Hand sanitizer, minimum 60% alcohol--a portable and useful size to fit in your daypack.
  • Disinfectant wipes for personal use to clean surfaces, but not your skin. This is an optional item.  Lyford staff will clean common areas (several times a day) and cabins (before the beginning of each week.) Consider Lysol or other non-bleach disinfectants (as bleach may harm some surfaces.)
  • Cooler for your snacks/beverages--optional. Buy ice in Greenville (45-minute drive away), on your way in. Staff will do an ice run 1-2 times per week.  There is no other refrigeration for camper food or beverages.
  • Snacks, beverages (adult or other) – the closest shopping is Greenville, a (45-minute drive away).  Drives to hikes will not generally go near Greenville.
  • Critter-proof containers for snacks to be kept in your car. Note that small critters can get into closed and locked cars.
  • Cash in small bills (singles) for drivers who use personal cars to transport others (no more than $5 pp per day)
  • Cell phone/camera, extra batteries, and car charger

Note:  We expect to have a charging station for small electronics, but bringing a portable power pack for charging phones/cameras if you hope to use it for music or navigation will minimize the need for plugging in.

Note:  Bringing proof of COVID vaccination is suggested, for your use only, in case of a medical emergency.

Accomodation: Cabin/Bunkhouse

  • Sleeping bag, or sheets
  • blankets
  • pillow—mattress, bed frame, propane lights are provided.  

Cabins have use of nearby outhouses; showers in bathhouse.

Accomodation: Tent

  • Your tent and ground cloth (to fit within 10’x10’ clearing)
  • Sleeping bag (may get down to 40’s at night)
  • Pillow and case
  • Insulated pad for under sleeping bag
  • Cot/camping mattress--optional
  • A pop-up shelter/awning/screen house—optional, to fit with tent in 10’x10’ clearing
  • A small folding tray table—optional, may use this for eating meals
  • Battery or solar-powered lantern (no candles, stoves or flames to be used)
  • Clothesline for towel, bathing suit, wet clothing

Campers have use of the showers, toilets and sinks in the bathhouse for personal cleaning only, not for laundry.

Optional Items

  • Bike for gravel grinding, and helmet; repair kit, pump and tools; other types of biking are very limited – see activities page.
  • Work gloves and eye protection (glasses OK) if you plan to do trail work
  • Canoe or kayak w/well-cleaned bottom (to prevent bringing invasive flora or fauna to Maine’s pristine ponds), wheels for transport on woodland paths to close by pond, paddles, dry bag and life vests/personal flotation devices (PFD). (A couple of canoes are available at Lyford – if you hope to use these, we suggest bringing your own PFD)
  • Fishing gear – Maine requirements here (note that the best fly fishing in this area is in spring and fall): GET YOUR LICENSE HERE
  • Musical instrument for campfire sing-alongs
  • Books, notebook/journal, pen/pencil, art supplies, field glasses