What August Camp Has Done For Me

by Marilyn Tsolomitis
Sauk Mountain Hike Invite
4.2 mi 1200 ft gain max 5540

If you want to go
Fairly slow
And climb up high
To touch the sky
With wildflowers galore ...
A mere 4.2 just for you
You’ll catch your breath from beauty and strain
and then
smile again
Expansive views
A special privy
A poem or two
And you are through
Satisfied and wild eyed
With just enough room in between
For cascade farms ice cream.

Home to the croo and what they do
with time for a splash between.

Join this hike
or another that’s calling
For August camp will keep you
In love with the nature around
The people too
Me and you
And the grace that we are here.

Marilyn Tsolomitis

Written 7/18/2018 in the early morning hours, North Cascades, WA