What August Camp Has Done for Me...

Jane Levenson

20 camps from 1986-2019

With 20 camps I've come to see, I've quite improved my ABCs--and now I can do A to Z.

A, B, and C are hikes each day, at first I did them mostly A. Later on I added B and now I have enjoyed all three.--For  letter C, add campfires and camaraderie.

D is dining in big tents;  E has excellent events--sometimes excursions off to see a nearby place of history.

F is for follies, friends and fun;  G for gear like boots and maps, and other great good stuff, perhaps.

H has highlights, hikes galore, happy hours and much more.

I, I am and J is Jane. Since Jane's my name, they are the same.

K is kale, served quite a lot--in soups and salads, cold and hot. 

L  for lunch from fixings tables--where you can make what you are able

But--there is a special rule: the cookie limit is just two.

M for mountains low and high, rocky, leafy, snowy, dry. Some are gentle, some are steep, all with memories to keep.

N is nostalgic for past things while O will opt for future dreams.  P's potential , yet unseen, leads on to Q, of course. Quilcene.

Roads to outings, not alike, are sometimes rougher than the hike. Broken bridges, narrow ridges may surprise along the ride.

S has many special treats: sun showers (sometimes stuck) and hike selection sign-up sheets (sometimes hard to read when dark).

Tents and "Tillies" ( old camp word) are hotels seen as quite absurd--at least to those who never came. I have even heard some say:  "You mean for that you really pay."  But then some folks don't Understand, the umpteen joys of quirks so grand.

The camp use Vans are nice and dusty, each one labeled AMC. Each one also has a number with a matching numbered key. They go to the airport and bring you to hikes. Much thanks to Virginia for getting this right. 

Wake up is early and wash basins plastic. To some it seems weird but is weirdly fantastic.

X stands for xtras like excellent friendship.   Y yearns for the pause soon to flip--to real life returning and camp to resume.  In the meanwhile connection is emails or ZOOM.

I now have finished A to Z : What August Camp has Done for Me