Ensuring a COVID Safe Plan

The August Camp Committee continues to monitor the changing COVID guidelines. We will be updating protocols for this summer’s camp in consultation with AMC and Maine guidelines, and are committed to communicating that information to campers in a timely way. Campers are encouraged to be vaccinated prior to attending camp, if possible.

The Covid pandemic poses an ever-changing situation as we prepare for August Camp 2021. The August Camp Committee is working with the AMC, Little Lyford Camp, and other agencies to ensure the camp environment is safe, healthy, and enjoyable for the entire August Camp community. It is essential that campers fully understand the structure of this year’s camp, changes in lodging and transportation, and a camper’s responsibilities should they become ill.

  • August Camp will comply with all AMC, State of Maine, and local regulations related to the Covid pandemic. Campers will be expected to observe all designated Covid-safe practices throughout their stay at Little Lyford Camp. This may include social distancing, wearing masks, hygiene practice, etc.
  • All campers will be expected to arrive at camp symptom-free of Covid, in good health, and having observed Covid-safe practices in the days leading up to camp.
  • Campers are asked to give careful consideration to their travel plans to camp so that they can be more certain to remain Covid-free. August Camp will not have a fleet of vans, so there will not be shuttle service available to/from public transportation.
  • Campers rooming/traveling together will be considered to be part of the same  “bubble.” Should a camper become ill, both that person and others in their “bubble” will be asked to leave camp. Transportation from camp will be the camper’s responsibility.


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