2022 Camper Information Form

2022 Camper Information Form

Contact and Emergency Information

Please use an email different from a travel companion.

Emergency Contact Information

This person should not be someone attending camp with you.

Camp Activity

This is a full day hiking camp, and to attend, you should be able to hike a minimum of 5 miles with a minimum of 600 feet elevation gain in a 5 hour period.
A Hikes (longer and/or faster-paced, more elevation gain)
B Hikes (moderate length and pace, with less elevation gain)
C Hikes (easier pace and/or shorter, less elevation gain)
Walks & Excursions (little elevation, bike riding, kayaking, etc.)

Dietary Restrictions

Please understand August Camp is unable to accommodate all dietary restrictions. If you have very specific dietary restrictions, you may need to bring some of your own food to camp.

If you have a severe allergy please Contact the Registrar.
Photos taken of participants at camp may be used in presentations or promotional materials. If you DO NOT want your photo used please email [email protected]
Please review your information before submitting this form. We look forward to seeing you at August Camp.