If you are traveling with another person check the box that your attendance is dependent on another camper also being accepted. Up to three people can apply together. All three people must include all names on each application. All applications will be assigned the same lottery number. Please contact the Registrar with questions. [email protected]

Each person must fill out his/her own form separately using a different email address per person.

2023 Application

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2023 App

Applicant Information

Please use an email different from a travel companion.

$1650 for AMC members
$1980 for non-members

Up to three people can apply together. All three people must include all names on each application. All applications will be assigned the same lottery number. Please contact the Registrar with questions.

Safety: As participant safety is a high priority for all AMC-sponsored events, procedures and policies have been developed to attempt to limit participant risk. Participants are expected to work with staff and volunteers to reduce risks and make the experience successful for all. In case of an emergency, AMC volunteer activity leaders are trained in wilderness first aid, carry first-aid kits, and follow an emergency action plan. The AMC uses cell phones or other communication devices -- although these are not reliable in all locations and conditions. Despite such steps, parents and participants should be aware that there are risks associated with outdoor adventure activities, including but not limited to adverse weather and environmental conditions, remote locations of our trips and camps, and transportation in vehicles, on foot, by boat, or on a bike. Please carefully read and sign the Volunteer-led Camps & Cabins Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risks and Release and Indemnity Agreement and call if you have any questions. Parents’ and participants’ understanding of these risks and adherence to our policies and procedures can contribute to making this experience rewarding.

If you provide a cell number, we may call or text that number in an emergency on travel days.

AMC August Camp's Cancellation and Refund Policy
Cancellations must be e-mailed to the Registrar – phone cancellations will not be accepted.
• Prior to May 1, 2023, all but $300 per person will be refunded.
• After May 1, 2023, but at least 31 days prior to the first Saturday for which a person is registered, 50% of payment in excess of $300 per person will be refunded.
• No refunds will be given for cancellations received within 30 days of the first Saturday for which a person is registered.
Cancellations must be e-mailed to [email protected].

In the event of Camp cancellation or interruption due to COVID-related restrictions or other unforeseeable events, August Camp would return all or part of the camp registration fees to affected campers, with the amount depending on the timing of such interruption or cancellation.
If an entire camp is canceled due to State of Oregon regulations, the full amount will be refunded.

If, within 14 days prior to arrival to August Camp, you are experiencing symptoms of COVID or have been exposed to COVID please do not come to camp. If you experience COVID symptoms while at camp, you will be asked to leave.

Camper expenses outside the registration fees, such as travel expenses, are not the responsibility of August Camp.

August Camp strongly recommends that Campers purchase travel insurance to cover expenses in the case of personal cancellation and also in the case of camp cancellation. If you choose to purchase such insurance, verify with your insurer that it covers cancellation for any reason.
AMC requires participants be fully vaccinated or share the results of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours or rapid antigen test taken within 24 hours of your program start. Any COVID-19 vaccine approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) is an acceptable vaccine for the purposes of this policy. Fully vaccinated is defined by the CDC here..

You will need to present your vaccination card or negative test when you arrive at camp. 
This is a hiking camp – we will be out on the trails for 5-8 hours per day, six days in a row, covering 6-13 miles and 500’ to 2500’ or more of elevation gain, at a suitable pace for the hikes you choose. If you join a hike beyond your ability or fitness, you will be asked to choose easier hikes for the rest of the week. Even our easiest “C” hikes require that you be able to hike the indicated distance and elevation gain at a steady pace of around 2 miles/hour. (See hike rating section below)

While we offer occasional non-hiking activities, such as biking, kayaking/rafting, or a service trip, these vary by location and are limited in number. There are no half-day options at Camp, no “walks” and no organized activities if you are unable to hike or choose to remain at Camp rather than join a hike.

Our hike rating system

A hikes are the most difficult and may run from 7 to 13 miles in length with elevation gains from 1000’ to over 4000.’ Because of the length and gain, they run at a fast pace with shorter breaks.

B hikes are our intermediate level hikes, covering 6-10 miles, with elevation gains of 1000’ to over 2000’, and are run at a more moderate pace than the A hikes.

C hikes are easier, and proceed at a sustained pace somewhat slower than the B hikes, generally on less challenging terrain and with more frequent stops. Although some hikes on the C list are as short as 2-3 miles, these would be combined with another hike or activity to make for a full day’s outing. C hikers can expect to do 6 or more miles in a day with up to as much as 1500’ of elevation gain.

Although our rating system is based on distance and elevation gain, it does not take into account the condition of the trail (steep ascents/descents, boulders, mud, scree, stream crossings, etc). Such hazards may make any given hike considerably more challenging. Special features, when known, will be described at campfire the night before by the hike leaders, along with the expected distance and elevation gain for the day.

Your preparation and conditioning

A variety of hikes are offered daily, and you will be out on the trails for several hours each day. Hiking is a physically demanding activity, regardless of the difficulty rating of a particular hike. Our hike rating system assumes that all campers are starting from a foundation of being active, healthy people with good footing, strength and balance.

If you can agree with the statements below, August Camp is the place for you!

I follow a regular fitness program, exercising several times a week.
I regularly participate in strenuous exercise that elevates my heart rate.
I am able to navigate uneven surfaces.
I am comfortable hiking/walking 5-10 miles.
I am able to hike for half an hour without needing a break.
My health status does not hinder my hiking ability.
I enjoy hiking 5-6 days in a row.
I am able to hike at a pace of 1.5-2 miles per hour, and am able to maintain a regular, uninterrupted pace.
I am able to hike multiple miles with elevation change (500-2500’ of elevation gain).

Please review your information before submitting the application.