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Transportation Information for Camp 2017

in the Columbia River Gorge (Stabler, WA)

Click here August Camp 2017 Specifics to download a pdf file with this information for printing


  • Campers flying to Camp will be met at the Portland, OR airport (PDX). We will use our rental vehicles to take campers to and from the airport on arrival and departure Saturdays only. The vans will depart the airport as they fill beginning around 11am. (Because Camp this year is less than 1:15 from PDX, we will ask drivers to plan to stop on the way for shopping, lunch and/or sightseeing so as not to arrive at camp prior to 2pm. This gives the croo time to ready camp.) After retrieving your luggage, please proceed to our meeting place at the seating area across from baggage claim area 7 at Portland airport (the same location as 2015). Look for our banner!

If you plan to use our August Camp van transportation to get from the airport to Camp:

  • RETURN the TRANSPORTATION SHEET directly to the TRANSPORTATION COORDINATOR. Please include your COMPLETE FLIGHT SCHEDULE, including the record locator. Please do not send incomplete forms. If you are notified of changes in your schedule that will significantly change your arrival time, please notify the Transportation Coordinator (Virginia Campbell, (917-495-2084; immediately, not the Registrar. Leave a phone message if no answer.
  • Come to the meeting place any time between 11am and 2pm on your arrival day so we can load vans and get you to Camp as soon as possible. We try to accommodate unanticipated flight delays or schedule changes. If arriving by 2pm is a problem, you may need to consider arriving a day early and spending the night near the Portland airport (also expedient in this day of lost/delayed luggage).
  • ON YOUR ARRIVAL SATURDAY: Please call the number given below if your flight has been delayed, changed, rerouted and for other Saturday travel emergencies. This is NOT the emergency number for Camp. Check the website for possible changes in phone numbers or meeting place before you leave home.
    • Weeks 1 and 2: 401-284-8507 (Barbara)
    • Weeks 3 and 4: 917-495-2084 (Virginia)
  • On your DEPARTURE Saturday, book a flight departing after 10am. There will be no transportation for flights departing before 10am. If you choose to book an early morning flight, you must book it for Sunday morning and plan on spending Saturday night near the airport.


  • There are two routes to Camp from PDX. The one on the OR side of the river has a toll at the Bridge of the Gods but it is a better drive, road-wise, and offers scenic stops along the way. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE AT CAMP BEFORE 2PM - YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENTER - THE CROO NEEDS TIME TO PREPARE CAMP FOR YOUR ARRIVAL. The other route is via route 14 in WA. Both take about the same time. More shopping opportunities on the OR side.
  • Camp Location: 45°48’29.4’’N 121°56’29.9’’W; approximate physical address: 1212 Hemlock Road, Carson, WA 98610.
  • Directions: From the airport, take Interstate 205 south for a short distance to exit 22 for I-84 East. Take I-84 East for about 33 miles to exit 44/US 30 East. Then turn right for the Bridge of the Gods ($2 toll or coupon). After bridge, turn right on WA-14 East for 5.9 miles. Turn left onto Wind River Highway for 8.6 miles; left onto Hemlock Road for about 1.3 miles. Watch for AMC August Camp signs.


To run our full program of hikes and activities each day, August Camp depends on having many campers qualified as volunteer drivers. We ask that you very seriously consider being a driver. The vehicles are standard passenger minivans or small SUVs, not big 10-12 passenger vans. Camp is only about an hour from PDX. If you are a new camper and have questions about driving, you may call or email Virginia Campbell, whose contact info is in the last paragraph. Even if you drive your own vehicle to Camp, please consider applying to be an approved van driver. To do so, you MUST fill out the Authorization to Drive August Camp Vans form. This form authorizes the AMC's insurance carrier to review your driving record. These forms must be returned to the TRANSPORTATION COORDINATOR no later than May 1st. We LOVE our drivers!

                 Have a safe journey and we’ll see you at Camp!

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