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Equipment List

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Don't forget your rain gear!

Last updated: 10/31/2017

August Camp has a room with a view

To ensure your comfort and safety, the following equipment list has been updated to accommodate activities and conditions at the 2018 camp and on hikes.

Keep in mind while you're packing during a heat wave in the city that you will need warm clothing at camp and on the hikes. Believe it or not, temperatures at Camp can dip to the forties at night and daytime temps average around 80°F, cooler at elevation, of course. Camp this year is at an elevation of about 300í but hikes may go as high as 7000í. If you are not properly equipped for a particular hike, you may not be able to participate.


  • a full set of waterproof raingear: parka and rain pants

  • boots - strong, comfortable and well broken-in (2 pairs if you have them)

  • light-weight, long-sleeved shirt and pants for sun protection

  • light-weight windbreaker

  • long pants (fleece or wool slacks for cool evenings and high peaks)

  • shoes for around camp, including waterproof footwear for walking in high wet grass in the mornings

  • socks (inner and outer), twice as many as you think you will need

  • thermal underwear - not cotton (many new fabrics to choose from)

  • two or three sets of your usual hiking gear (non-cotton shorts and shirts)

  • wide brimmed hat

  • wool or fleece hat, wool or fleece mittens or gloves (necessary for high peaks)

  • wool or fleece layers of clothing



  • warm sleeping bag, rated to 15-20įF (or summer bag and extra blankets, if needed)

  • air mattress or foam pad (full-length as cold air beneath cot will cool you even in the warmest sleeping bag)

  • day pack (large enough to carry extra clothing layers, food and 2 quarts of water for hikes)

  • quart-size plastic or metal bottles (at least two for hikes) - or hydration system

  • ground cloth or tarp (good for under your duffle bag or suitcase, and on the floor of your tent - tents do not have floors; there may be some for rent at Camp*)

  • driverís license, if signed up to drive

  • a "sun shower," so you can have a hot shower (available through several mail order companies), labeled with your name or initials as many look alike

  • flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries and bulb (Note: No candles or Coleman-type gas lights are permitted.)

  • towel and washcloth

  • unbreakable mug (for hot drinks in the morning and afternoon)

  • a few heavy-duty trash bags, for use in backpack and in duffle bag, to keep clothing dry, if it rains

  • compass

  • extra shoe/boot laces

  • personal first aid kit

  • personal hygiene items (preferably unscented)

  • sewing kit and safety pins

  • strong twine or light clothes line and clothes pins

  • sturdy pocket knife (packed in checked luggage)

  • whistle

  • BIODEGRADABLE, unscented soap for personal use and hand washing laundry

  • insect repellent

  • lip balm with sunscreen (rated at least SPF 30)

  • some reusable lunch containers to cut down on trash

  • sunglasses and/or sun goggles

  • sunscreen


  • gaiters

  • hiking poles (packed in checked luggage)

  • pillow

  • camera (extra batteries)

  • battery-operated lantern for tent

  • travel alarm

  • Sun dress or shift for trips to the showers (ladies)

  • tightly sealed box to keep cosmetics/lotions in tent

  • a bathmat or throw rug for the floor of your tent

  • bathing suit and beach towel for swimming, if desired

  • binoculars

  • trail guide books and maps

  • bird, flower and other guide books

  • mirror for shaving or putting in contacts (unbreakable)

  • blank personal check for Croo tip (10 -15% is customary)

  • reading/listening material

  • folding chair for campfire (some may be available for rent at Camp*)

  • head net for insect protection

  • light blanket or quilt or sleeping bag liner, for warmer nights

  • mosquito netting for sleeping under (many don't find it necessary if you close tent flaps before dusk)

  • musical instruments

  • pen and small journal

  • small personal tent (if you want to have the option of sleeping in it or going on an overnight)

  • umbrella (for use around camp, and even some hikes)

  • art supplies

  • National Parks pass

  • GPS for getting to trailheads

FOR OVERNIGHTS (occasionally offered):

  • backpack suitable for an overnight (with straps for your sleeping bag, pad, etc.)

  • backpacking tent

*There may be some tarps, chairs and coolers for rent at camp, but you canít count on this.


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