Come play in the 3,000 square miles of the Beartooth Mountains of Montana
and Wyoming, whose highest point, Granite Peak, sits above the clouds at 12,799’.
Hike the forks of Rock Creek, Sundance Pass, Timberline Island, Beartooth Lakes,
and the hanging canyon near Hell Roaring Wall. Pilot Creek, our tent village base
camp in the northern half of the Shoshone National Forest, is only a stone’s throw
from the northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

August Camp offers 5 hikes daily for all levels of ability, overnights and excursions
to local sites, delicious cooked meals, great camaraderie and nightly campfires.

Week 1 (July 19- July 26)
Week 2 (July 26- Aug. 2)
Week 3 (Aug. 2- Aug. 9)
Week 4 (Aug. 9-Aug.16)

2008 August Camp has completed


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Important Info for August Campers

 August Camp Committee wants this year’s campers to be aware that the hiking program at Pilot Creek may run a bit differently than in years past – campers may have more opportunity to do exploring of the area on their own. There are regulations in this area of WY and MT that may affect our ability to lead trips in certain areas (such as Yellowstone NP and the Tetons).  Committee members and hike leaders are working closely with Forest Service and Parks personnel to develop an interesting and varied program of hikes in as wide an area as possible.  In addition to formally led hikes, campers will be able to use camp vans to do hikes or sightseeing in Yellowstone, the Tetons and other areas on their own.  Hike leaders will have info on the region and the Parks to share with campers, and vans will be available for camper use, as long as each group has an approved driver.  For this reason we suggest you consider volunteering to be a driver if you think you might want to do some exploring on your own with a small group.  The more drivers we have, the more flexibility campers will have.