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Mount Rainier National Park

Hiked in the shadows of majestic Mount Rainier

SESSION ONE -  July 16 - July 30
SESSION TWO -  July 30 - August 13



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Experience the incredible beauty of Mount Rainier National Park. Marvel at spectacular scenery while walking  among towering hemlocks, relive the drama of Mt. St. Helens, and hike on the shoulder of the 2nd highest peak in the lower 48.  Camp will be set up in the small  former lumbering town of Packwood adjacent to the park. You will have the chance to enjoy the sights of Packwood as you travel to and from your daily hikes. After a day of the activity of your choice relax around the nightly campfire.  This will be the time to listen to Ranger talks, hear reports from the day’s hikes, learn about the next day’s activites,  singing and  conversation.

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Hiking in the Rain

Camp Facilities:

The camp furnishes the basics: sleeping tents (12x12 foot Eureka wall tents that are large enough to stand and walk around in, but do not have a floor or mosquito netting; (participants are encouraged to provide some sort of mosquito protection ), two cots per tent, water buckets and wash basins. Campers should bring their own pillow, sleeping bag and thermal pad, "sun shower," clothing and personal items (including camp chair, musical instruments or art/painting supplies, if desired).  Shower stalls are provided, for using one’s "sun shower."  A hot shower feels great after a day of hiking.  "Tillies" (the toilets) are either of the composting variety or "porta-potties," depending on the site. There is no electricity at camp. An emergency 800 number is checked for messages daily by the staff, but there is no telephone at camp, and the use of cell phones in camp is discouraged.

Plenty of sun to dry clothes


Barbara - Our Cook

Croo - Washing Dishes

August Camp is famous for its food: both its bounty and its taste. Barbara, our marvelous cook in 2004, will be returning!  Multi-course hot breakfasts and suppers are served in the dining tent. Campers prepare their own trail lunches each morning from a buffet of goodies. We aim for a healthy, well-balanced diet, but there are no special accommodations for individual dietary requests. In the past vegetarians have found ample food to meet their needs. Cooking is done by the cook and "croo" in a well-equipped kitchen, with gas stoves/ovens. The kitchen’s refrigerator is for the use of the cooking staff only.  Drinking water is provided.  No food stuffs are to be kept in individual tents

Hiking in Mount Rainier National Park:


Hiking/Activity Program:

Checking Hikers' News

Five hikes of varying lengths and difficulty will be offered daily from strenuous hikes to casual walks.  All hikes are led by qualified volunteer AMC leaders.  We will use camp vans to travel to trailheads.

An A HIKE :  geared to the experienced hiker who  enjoys traveling at a fast pace over difficult terrain for a long distance. This might be an hike along the Wonderland Trail,  or a hike among profuse wildflowers in Grand Park,  or perhaps up to Indian Henry’s Hunting Ground, one of the park’s loveliest alpine meadows, or up Eagle Peak with it’s spectacular view of Mount Rainier. Then there is the long arduous ascent over rocks and snowfields to Camp Muir, the overnight cabin used by summit climbers.

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Camp Muir

The B HIKE: Two “B” level hikes (B+ and B-) will be offered, appealing to strong and moderately strong hikers interested in a less strenuous pace and shorter distance. Choose from a hike to Berkeley Park brimming with wildflowers,  Emerald Ridge,  or hike to the lookout tower on Mt. Fremount for views of grand park and Mount Rainier. From Paradise Lodge hike up to Scenic Point to experience the excitement of Mount Rainier close-up.

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Heading Towards Scenic Point

The C HIKE : “C”  hikes are for the individual who prefers a more leisurely pace, easier terrain and a shorter day on the trail. This would be a hike to Bench and Snow Lakes traversing alpine meadows, or Van Trump park hiking along a scenic stream-filled gorge to a series of waterfalls,  and explore the trails near Paradise Lodge.

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Hiking out of Sunrise

NEW THIS YEAR - daily walks.  Time to wander, identify wildflowers, bird, photograph,   and to simply enjoy the grandeur of Mount Rainier National Park at an unhurried pace. Grove of the Patriarchs the interpretive walk among ancient conifers is not to be missed.

ALL PARTICIPANTS take responsibility for their own personal safety by being well prepared, physically fit, and informed. Plan to CONDITION YOURSELF BEFORE you arrive at camp by exercising vigorously for several weeks beforehand. You will enjoy camp so much more if you arrive in shape for the level of hikes you wish to do!


Relaxing at the end of the day



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Sunset in Mount Rainier National Park