AMC August Camp


The 2004 AUGUST CAMP was located in

Keene Valley, New York

THE ADIRONDACKS offer wonderful camping, hiking, canoeing, biking!

SESSION ONE - July 17 - July 31

SESSION TWO - July 31 - Aug 14

Single weeks available starting 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/7

August Camp WELCOMES you to Adirondack State Park. At over 6 million acres it is America's largest state park in the lower 48. This area offers an enormous variety of hiking, canoeing, and mountain biking. Close to camp are  25 peaks over 4,000 feet, a multitude of smaller hills, beautiful forest walks, waterfalls,  pristine lakes and ponds, mountain streams and flowing rivers. Historic Keene Valley is home to artistic and cultural events.  Nearby Lake Placid, host to two winter Olympic Games, is an area of bustling activity offering plenty to do on a rainy day or for a change of pace. Steps away from your tent is fabulous swimming in the Ausable River.

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Two hikers from Cape Cod are
busy unpacking and looking forward to meeting their fellow campers!


AMCís AUGUST CAMP is a 115 year old tradition affording a unique camping experience that springs to life for one month every year in a new and exciting wilderness location.    Sixty-five campers live in an intimate tent village, enjoying hearty meals prepared by the cook crew, evening campfires and sing-alongs and a wide choice of beautiful hikes (for all levels), canoe trips and overnights.   August Campers have explored the magnificent White Mountains of New Hampshire, Katahdin in Maine, Glacier National Park in Montana, Mount Rainier in Washington, Banff in Canada and the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.


Camp Facilities:

The camp furnishes the basics: sleeping tents (12x12 foot Eureka wall tents that are large enough to stand and walk around in, but do not have a floor or mosquito netting; (participants are encouraged to provide some sort of mosquito protection ), two cots per tent, water buckets and wash basins. Campers should bring their own pillow, sleeping bag and thermal pad, "sun shower," clothing and personal items (including camp chair, musical instruments or art/painting supplies, if desired). A complete list of suggested equipment will be provided when your reservation is accepted (and will be listed on our website.) Shower stalls are provided, for using oneís "sun shower." (A hot shower feels great after a day of hiking or paddling! A swim in the river does also, but no soap is allowed in or near the water.) "Tillies" (the toilets) are either of the composting variety or "porta-potties," depending on the site. There is no electricity at camp. An emergency 800 number is checked for messages daily by the staff, but there is no telephone at camp, and the use of cell phones in camp is discouraged.

Plenty of sun to dry clothes


August Camp is famous for its food: both its bounty and its taste. Multi-course hot breakfasts and suppers are served in the dining tent. Campers prepare their own trail lunches each morning from a buffet of goodies. We aim for a healthy, well-balanced diet, but there are no special accommodations for individual dietary requests. In the past vegetarians have found ample food to meet their needs. Cooking is done by the cook and "croo" in a well-equipped kitchen, with gas stoves/ovens. The kitchenís refrigerator is for the use of the cooking staff only. Campers can bring their own coolers, if desired. Drinking water is provided.


"Croo" busily prepares a delicious meal for hungry campers

Activities Available:


Lunch break on summit of Noonmark Mt



Peaceful canoeing

Bridges to cross


Descending Porter Mountain


THREE HIKES  of varying lengths and difficulty will be offered daily - an "A" hike, "B" hike and "C" hike.  A good resource  is the "GUIDE TO ADIRONDACK TRAILS -Vol. 1 - HIGH PEAKS REGION" published by the Adirondack Mountain Club. This can be found in many libraries or purchased at  EMS stores, Campmor, REI  etc.

Campers consulting the bulletin board for hikes offered


An A HIKE : geared to the experienced hiker who enjoys traveling at a fast pace over difficult terrain for a long distance. An example of this would be  Algonquin Mt.,  or Avalanche Pass to Lake Colden perhaps one of the most spectacular hiking routes in the Adirondacks or Big Slide by way of the Three Brothers.

Gearing up for Hike to Mt. Marcy

The B HIKE: appealing to strong hikers interested in a less strenuous pace and a shorter distance. This might be to Noonmark Mt., visible from camp, a must for B hikers.  Hike up Porter and Cascade or to the bald summit of Hurricane Mt

Lunch Break at the Summit

The C HIKE : for the individual who prefers a more leisurely pace, easier terrain, and a shorter day on the trail. You might chose a hike up Rooster Comb Mt. for itís spectacular view , or Mt Jo  from the ADK Lodge, or  a 3+ mile pleasant walk into Copperas Pond.

Time to Relax and Enjoy the Scenery

Canoeing -

Canoe trips will be varied as this location abounds in water of all configurations and lengths. There is  Saranac Lake, Lake Placid, and Lake Champlain, each with their own irregular shoreline and numerous islands. Ausable and Raquette Rivers  and more to explore. Canoe overnights will be offered each week.

Canoe Overnight


Canoes are Ready


Mountain Biking-

REPEATED THIS YEAR Several rides will be offered during each of these weeks to explore dirt roads and trails in the area. The terrain is mountainous with fantastic views.  Youíll experience single and double track gravel roads, wilderness riding and possibly rides in the Van Hoevenberg trail system.

Campfires -

 Held nightly recount the day's activities and present the next day's trips. Ranger talks/programs will be presented also at this time.  This is a wonderful time for group singing, storytelling, conversation and relaxation.

ALL ACTIVITIES, whether hiking, mountain biking, or canoeing are led by qualified volunteer AMC leaders.  We will use campers' cars to reach trailheads and put-ins and drivers will be reimbursed for the use of their cars by their passengers. ALL PARTICIPANTS take responsibility for their own personal safety by being well prepared, physically fit, and informed. Plan to condition yourself BEFORE you arrive at camp by exercising vigorously for several weeks beforehand. You will enjoy camp so much more if you arrive in shape for the activities you wish to do!

OCCASIONALLY you may wish to remain in camp to relax, sketch, bird and wildlife view or visit the many tourist attractions in the area. You may want to explore the peaceful country roads and nearby charming towns. There will be time for group trips to the Adirondack Museum. You won't want to miss this special place overlooking Blue Mt. Lake. Nearby Elizabethtown  is home of  the Adirondack Center Museum. For those seeking more to do- Lake Placid has interesting shops and a host of fun and cultural experiences. Visit the Olympic Ski Jumping Complex and Official US Olympic Training Center and Sports Complex at Mt. Van Hoevenberg.

Whatever your interests may be  - hiking and canoeing  daily, relaxing in camp, or exploring the area on your own, the ADIRONDACKS will not disappoint!

Special this summer! Four Adirondack Guideboats for camper use

In keeping with our encampment in the Adirondacks this summer, four kevlar Adirondack guideboats will be available for your use.  Vogue Magazine says, "Once you get into one of these boats, you won't want to get out."

At the beginning of each session Dave and Steve who make these wonderful boats will come across Lake Champlain and give an orientation on the history of the Adirondack Guideboat and their safe use.

See for more information.


Join us in this wonderful region of New York for a memorable outdoors vacation!

Relaxing at the end of the day


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